With our rehearsals and performances on hold, many of us are missing the peace and joy of community singing.  While some things we do as a chorus may need to change going forward, our mission, focus and desire to share our love of singing will not.
We have two exciting seasons that are planned, but not yet scheduled, to look forward to.  One will be led by Andre Garcia-Nuthmann as our guest conductor and the other will be led by Erick Brunner as our guest conductor.  Martha Shepp will return as our accompanist for both seasons.  Go to Hear us sing on this website for some details about those two programs.
In the meantime, we’re exploring what alternative music activities might be available, affordable and of interest to our singers.  We’re tapping into various resources, locally and elsewhere, to see what options are out there.  We’ll be surveying our singers soon about this, but in the meantime, if you have any suggestions about possible “alternative” singing activities, we’d appreciate hearing from you.  You can contact us at  Also, if you haven’t sung with us for a while and don’t receive a survey but  would like one, please let us know.  Our chorus roster changes season to season.  Other ways to keep up-to-date include following us on Facebook at Taos Community Chorus or periodically checking this website.
Thank you for your continued interest and support.  Keep in touch and please stay well.
Debbie Branom
President of the Board
Taos Community Chorus

For chorus members

Links to practice music

Learning tools for your practice:

  1. Listen to a performance.  LINK TO ELIJAH ON YOUTUBE.  
  2. Cyberbass is a free learning tool that has major choral works divided into parts so that you can hear and practice your part by yourself or with the other vocal parts.   LINK TO CYBERBASS.  

Cyberbass instructions

  1. Choose which movement you want to practice.  They are numbered in blue in the column on the left.  
  2. Then click on your vocal part (soprano, alto, etc.) in GREEN. 

3.  In the center menu, you can slow down the speed or repeat difficult sections:

4.  The movements are separated by ads, so keep scrolling down the page to find more movements.

5.  Click on TUTTI to rehearse with all parts.  



  • Mondays, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • First Presbyterian Church of Taos, just north of Kit Carson Park
  • Rehearsal schedules for fall 2020 and spring 2021 will be announced later.  


Concert dates for fall 2020 will be announced in late summer, and concert dates for spring 2021 (Elijah) will be announced in early 2021.  


Questions?  Your section leader is an experienced singer who has been with TCC for several seasons.   He or she is here to enhance your singing experience and help you with whatever questions or concerns you may have.  Here you can link to section leader emails.  

For general TCC questions, contact our president at  

More info on TCC leaders

Find out more about your conductor, Erick Brunner, and accompanist, Martha Shepp.  Read more.  

Our board is made up of chorus members.  Find out who’s on the board, and consider whether you would be willing to serve on the board in the future. See board members.  

Each member of TCC’s board of directors is elected by the chorus and serves a  3-year term.  Often, directors are willing to serve for an additional term and may do so if re-elected by the chorus.  The board meets monthly to review, discuss and make decisions about chorus activities, opportunities, finances and goals—it runs the “business” of the chorus and works closely with TCC’s conductor in doing so.  TCC’s conductor often attends and participates in the meetings.

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