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Rehearsals and performances are planned but on hold

Concert dates will be announced, once determined

Transformed by Fire Suite, together with a collection of choral works by New Mexican composers

This work emerges from Taos local Ariana Kramer’s poetry, with music by Andrea Clearfield.  André Garcia-Nuthmann plans to serve us as guest conductor.  Transformed by Fire explores ideas on wolves from Aldo Leopold’s work, explores Aldo Leopold’s changing ideas on wolves, with larger implications  for Taos and the world community.  Portions have been performed previously at the Harwood to great acclaim, and performing the suite in its entirety is an honor for Taos Community Chorus.   

Concert dates will be announced, once determined.

Read more about the suite, its creation and the collaboration between Ariana and Andrea here.  

Howard Penn

Mendelssohn's Elijah

Mendelssohn’s Elijah is a piece of breathtaking beauty and depth.  The Chorus was mid-way through rehearsals in March, 2020 when rehearsals were cancelled due to the pandemic.  We will take up where we left off in learning Elijah in future rehearsals.  Concert dates will be announced, once determined.

England’s Prince Consort Albert to Mendelssohn regarding Elijah:  “To the noble artist who, when surrounded by the Baal-worship of the false, has, like a second Elijah, employed his genius and his skill in the service of the true; who has . . . won [our ears with all] that is harmonious and pure — to the great master who has held in his firm control and revealed to us not only the gentle whisperings of the breeze, but also the majestic thundering of the tempest.”

Read more about the background to Mendelssohn’s Elijah.

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Tickets are $15, $12 for seniors, 18 and under free.

Tickets are available at the door, or in advance from TCC members.  Cash or check.  

Past events: fall 2019 season


Taos Community Chorus and El Coro de la Tierra Alta from New Mexico Highlands University together  presented “LOVE”.  

Messiah Sing-Along

We turn the audience into the chorus!

This annual holiday event combines the voice of TCC singers and members of the community in an entertaining afternoon. Unfortunately, the 2019 sing-along did not take place due to inclement weather but will return at a future date.


Many TCC members enjoy ensemble singing and extend the fall season to include caroling at area holiday events.

Past programs, pictures and posters. 

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