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November Concert

Community chorus performs ‘St. Cecilia Mass’ Taos News, November 10.

St Cecilia Mass concerts


Messiah Sing-along



April/May Concert




Annual Report

February 20, 2017 


Jane Ayles*
Debbie Branom*
Julie Greer*
Bob Krongaard*
Jim Ludden*
Lee Stewart*
Randy Thorne*

And such other nominees for election to the board as may be proposed at the meeting

*Current board members & nominees for re-election


  • The size of the chorus doubled from approximately 40 to 80 members.
  • The size of our concert audiences increased, in the aggregate, from approximately 330 to 490 attendees.
  • Chorus member engagement and dedication at rehearsals resulted in higher quality performances that were well received by concert attendees.
  • TCC was able to recruit a high quality, well liked and widely respected conductor to take over and fill TCC’s guest director position for the fall season (and beyond).
  • TCC was able to retain an exceptional accompanist for the fall season (and beyond) who also spearheaded and organized Schubertiad, an in-house concert and fundraiser for TCC.
  • A smaller singing group was created and used at Taos Plaza Live and the Saturday farmers market to help recruit new TCC members and promote TCC concerts.
  • TCC continued its annual tradition of caroling at Taos Plaza, Bent Street, KTAOS and Taos Retirement Village events, which furthered our mission of “creating community through song.”
  • TCC’s board of directors continued to work as an open, active, dedicated and engaged group.
  • TCC’s music library was organized and catalogued so that over 1,400 choral works can be accessed by TCC as well as by others in the community.
  • TCC enhanced its website by adding an archives section with over 250 photos and concert programs stretching back to the early 1970s.
  • TCC received cash donations from both regular and new donors.
  • TCC continued to receive grant money from both private and state-sponsored organizations.


  • Continue to build and expand on TCC’s accomplishments relating to increased membership, increased audience size and wider community outreach;
  • Increase the size of TCC’s board of directors so that new perspectives and thinking can be added on a continuing basis and terms of service can be flexible;
  • Work to retain and expand TCC’s current group of program advertisers in order to increase advertising revenues;
  • Further update TCC’s website and Facebook page so they are more interesting, informative and useful to the chorus as well as to members of the community; and
  • Explore the possibility of installing and implementing an online system for member registration prior to each TCC concert season.

PLEASE NOTE:  These and other TCC goals and objectives will be discussed and decided at TCC’s next annual board retreat, which will occur in mid to late summer 2017.  The retreat, as well as all monthly board meetings, is open to TCC members.  The meetings are interesting, informative, interactive and productive.  Come check them out and enjoy the comradery!


Taos Community Chorus operates on a budget of approximately $40,000 per year.  Expenses consist primarily of payments under contracts with our conductor, accompanist and administrative assistant as well as the cost of music, printing, rent, insurance, advertising, licenses and fees.  We maintain a savings account to cover expenses if funding is less than expected during the year.  Our income comes from grants from New Mexico Arts, Taos Community Foundation and Siegel Foundation, contributions from individual donors in response to our semi-annual mailing campaigns and proceeds from program advertising sales, ticket sales and business support programs that benefit area non-profits.

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